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EMAIL DATED November 29, 2023

Good Afternoon,

It has been a crazy week with Thanksgiving and the fast and furious pace of getting this nonprofit off of the ground. We now have the time to appropriately thank all of you for your show of support by becoming dues paying TLAMB members.

We are making every attempt to spend your dues wisley. This has already been stated but it is worth repeating. The dues collected to date have paid for the submission of forms related to becoming a nonprofit organization. Peter Blachly has worked tirelessly to that end. Your is being maintained free of charge with the only cost to us being $35 for hosting for the year.TLAMB.COM is already doing its job.

A bit of good news today. We were notified that we successfully collected signatures necessary to move the petition forward to the council and then to a vote in 2024! We hope to see you at the next meeting!

Lastly, free is good but..... We've decided to forgo an email marketing service which means we need to develop our own email template. This is the first use and may not appear correctly across all platforms. A link to a web version will be available on newsletters at the bottom of the email.